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Experience Management: the new Standard in Healthcare

Experience Management in the context of healthcare has gained importance in the past years. Examining fields that underwent a digital transformation in the past, such as the e-commerce industry, can yield valuable insights into the observed trends and the desired outcomes.

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Interoperability with FHIR: Creating structure in medical data

Medical data and its collection, sharing, and analysis are now integral parts of the diagnostic process and increasingly important for more efficient and effective patient care. Interoperability enables seamless communication between different systems and paves the way for advanced diagnostics applications.

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Diversity in laboratory diagnostics

The idea of personalized medicine, i.e. diagnostics and therapy tailored to the individual patient, is intended to make healthcare more efficient and targeted. At the same time, many laboratory reference values are handled uniformly across genders, ethnicities and age groups. Is a mind shift needed here?

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Mapping wildfires through satellite data 

Mapping wildfires through satellite data can help monitor their impact and mitigate the damage caused. medicalvalues utilizes Earth Observation data and artificial intelligence methods to provide decision support during disaster relief efforts.

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The benefit of standards such as SNOMED and LOINC in everyday clinical practice and for digitization

The digital transformation takes place in all areas of life and makes data an economically important resource. In the healthcare sector, it can optimize medical and business management as improve research. At the same time, there are special challenges on the path to digitization in the healthcare system with data scattered across institutions and inconsistent standards. How this can still be achieved and how uniform data formatting becomes the rule will be made clear in the following article.

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Additional demand and reflex testing

Subsequent requests are not only time-consuming and cost-intensive, but also repeatedly interrupt the clinical daily routine, causing delays. medicalvalues supports this process and mitigates these problems.

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