Laboratory Diagnostic Intelligence

Leveraging industry standards and lab-specific diagnostic pathways, medicalvalues empowers laboratories to utilize artificial intelligence

competitive differentiation


By employing the medicalvalues platform, laboratories can differentiate themselves on the market and appeal to residential physicians and hospitals alike due to ease of use for clinicians. medicalvalues improves the diagnostic experience for physicians at the bedside or in outpatient clinics.

Laboratory Physician Empowerment

There is a growing demand for skilled laboratory experts. By providing intelligent recommendations medicalvalues supports physicians achieve more, in less time. In addition, the system provides interactive help to consult customers based on integrative pathways across clinical chemistry, hematology, or coagulation. Moreover, integrated diagnostics with clinical and radiology findings is made easy by medicalvalues.

Digitalization and Harmonization

With the help of the medicalvalues platform you can establish standardized, intelligent diagnostic pathways across laboratories. Tools like the semi-automatic LOINC mapping and our pre-built medical content help you to quickly harmonize and centralize medical knowledge and procedures – within one lab, but also across large laboratory chains.

Your Customers

Interaction between laboratory and customers

Seamless integration into the physician’s office software as well as the lab – flow of information is digitized, allowing easy and hassle-free communication avoiding fax or out-of-context emails.

Initial Lab Order

Help to decide which diagnostic tests to order based on symptoms, pre-conditions, age, gender or specific clinical questions.

Evaluation of findings

Differential diagnostic recommendations – created in close collaboration and validation through an expert physician.

Integrated Follow-up

Recommendations on follow-up testing based on laboratory results – but also under consideration of clinical findings or additional imaging results.

laboratory support
Laboratory Physicians

Support within the laboratory

Support your physicians during their daily work to create even better outputs. What matters most is the quality of your product: your laboratory data. Enable your team to achieve this with manual, semi-automated or fully automated processes.

Creation of findings

Simplified documentation and reporting through predefined texts recommended by the software. Efficiently create high-quality reports providing added value for your customers.

Support for interaction with the customer

Expert algorithms (e.g. for Endocrinology, coagulation, genetics, inflammation/infection, auto-immunology) are available, continuously updated and can also be adapted to the individual needs.


Digitization and Knowledge Management

Less stress through automation of routine tasks. Reduce costs and and have more time for skilled tasks.
knowledge management

Central knowledge management

Harmonization of step-by-step diagnostics across laboratories and establishment of a laboratory-specific knowledge repository based on pre-built and continuously updated diagnostic pathways.

Data intelligence

Semi-automatic LOINC mapping and support in reference value determination and harmonization. Identify diagnostic clusters and gain insights on risk factors.

Insights through analysis of test profiles and request behavior

Offer advice to clinics and physicians in optimizing diagnostics profiles for achieving improved patient outcomes.

Our Offer

How we can support you

By using the medicalvalues platform, laboratories can differentiate themselves in the market and appeal to general practitioners, office-based specialists, and clinics alike through ease of use for clinicians. medicalvalues improves the diagnostic experience for physicians – at the bedside or in outpatient clinics. The integration of laboratory information – such as clinical chemistry, hematology, or coagulation – with clinical and radiological findings is facilitated by integrative, diagnostic pathways.

Secure IT Operation

IT Operation in the cloud or on-premise possible. We offer extensive monitoring, security and data protection measures according to current standards.

Extensive Knowledge Base

Creation of diagnostic pathways with subject matter experts – data-driven and combined with expert content validation. Possibility of individualization: adaptation to your reference values and individual diagnostic procedures.

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