Diagnostic Pathways

Medical diagnostic pathways and algorithms – integrated across disciplines and fully customizable to your needs


The human body is a complex system

Each patient has individual pre-conditions, prior-diseases, demographics, bio-parameters. All of these are interconnected and influencing each other.

Many of these interconnections and feedback loops are well researched. We created a technology to make these accessible in a digital and automated way.

No need to start from scratch

Leverage our pre-built diagnostic pathways to kickstart your diagnostic projects.

Pathway Creation

How diagnostic content is created

  • Created and reviewed by

    medical experts at medicalvalues
    external physicians and experts

  • Diagnostic knowledge from

    good medical practice
    medical books
    latest research

  • Tested and optimized with

    large test data sets
    real-world data
    AI approaches

Unique Pathways

How our content differs

We offer various extensions and customization features to tailor our diagnostic content to your individual needs. All diagnostic pathway content is created and reviewed by our experts. With a focus on quality and innovation, we aim to improve diagnostics for better patient outcomes.


ICD10 and ICD11

Multi-language content

...more to come

Artificial Intelligence

Ready to use for artificial intelligence by seamless integration with the medicalvalues platform.

Connect our diagnostic pathways with your external artificial intelligence approaches. Leverage data enrichment features to improve your data.

Broad diagnostic approach

with medical content from

Endocrinology, Infectiology, Hemostaseology, Oncology, Rheumatology, Nephrology

...and many more


Our medical experts

The team of medicalvalues medical experts is supported by expert physicians from various areas helping to structure medical diagnostic knowledge. We combine years of clinical experience with the latest research.

Carina Bachmann

Carina Bachmann

Chief Medical Expert

Leading a team of physicians and biologists Carina Bachmann, is responsible for the best possible medical quality.

Prof. Dr. med. Georg Hoffmann​

External Expert Advisor

Being a laboratory physician with years of practical experience and research expertise, Prof. Dr. med. Hoffmann is also the founder of the Trillium GmbH - a leading publishing house for diagnostics.

Prof. Dr. med. Lothar Thomas

External Expert Advisor

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas is a medical specialist in clinical laboratory medicine, microbiology and infection epidemiology, transfusion medicine, immunohematology, and clinical chemistry.

Dr. Hülya Kiralp

External Expert Advisor

Having worked in multiple laboratories as a specialist for laboratory medicine, Dr. Kiralp has developed specific expertise for gynecological endocrinology.

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Gutensohn

External Expert Advisor

Prof. Dr. med. Gutensohn is a medical doctor who has years of experience in managing both - private and hospital laboratories as well as teaching at a medical faculty.

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