medicalvalues platform

Make sense of your data facilitating diagnostic knowledge in a seamless integrated approach


Core Components

The medicalvalues platform offers various core components
working together to create an integrated foundation for your use cases. 

Diagnostic template pathways from various medical areas including: Endocrinology, Infectiology, Hemostaseology, Oncology, Rheumatology, Nephrology, and many more.

Usable as templates for e.g. data mapping, diagnostic data enrichment and other applications on the medicalvalues platform.

Validated and reviewed by leading experts (Learn more).

Facilitates diagnostic template content to bring intelligence to existing data sets.

Advanced rule-based algorithms to process large datasets from a diagnostic perspective. Our white-box AI enables explainable outputs.

Customizable with e.g. your laboratory reference ranges or custom medical content created with the Diagnostic Pathway Editor. View analysis results for output in an integrated way.

Various AI modules to process input data directly from integrations.

Built-in hybrid AI algorithms to combine existing knowledge from medical template content and your own datasets.

Pre-defined healthcare data cleaning and analysis methods.

Interfaces for common standards: FHIR, HL7v2, REST, JSON, XML.

Standard integrations to various laboratory information systems (LIS / LIMS). Connect your system and be productive from day one.

Automatically pre-process and analyze incoming data facilitating medical content and standards.

Combine and store your medical data in a safe and high-performance environment.

Optimized for the needs and structure of medical data. No lock-in through standard formats and open APIs (HL7v2 / FHIR).

Intelligent data management with different data groups (e.g. retention policies and customizable data-flows).

The use of the Medical Data Store is optional. Existing infrastructure or on-demand processing can be applied.



Available Platform Tools

The medicalvalues platform offers several pre-build tools to kickstart your data-driven use cases.


Diagnostic Data Mapper

Automated data mapping for medical standards like LOINC or SNOMED CT

Easy-to-use step by step process – download your finished mapping or use it directly in the medicalvalues platform

Benefit from latest standard updates which can directly be adapted to your mapping

Your Benefits

Machine readability and integrability of data for effective use

Efficient error detection using AI

Communicate data without the risk of misinterpretation

Technical Details

Zero Error Principle

Common formats like CSV, but also seamlessly integrated with medicalvalues platform interfaces

Universal language systems for medical terminology enable unification


Diagnostic Data Enrichment

Enrich your medical data with validated medical diagnostic knowledge

Identify medical inconsistencies: Detect issues with units, reference range and erroneous diagnoses in your statistical datasets

Add SNOMED CT, LOINC, ICD10, ICD11, Radlex to your data in an integrated way

Your Benefits

Clean your data and make it ready for analysis and machine learning

Enrich your data for more evidence-based management decisions

Enables you to compare and analyze data across facilities leveraging international standards

Ensure a high and consistent data quality for everyone you are sharing your data with

Technical Details

Facilitate popular standards like HL7v2 or FHIR to import your data

Standard integrations for various laboratory and clinical information systems

Setup custom technical modifications for your own requirements

Data pipeline and automatic enrichment for all input data


Diagnostic Pathway Editor

View and edit diagnostic medical template content

Create your own diagnostic pathways as a basis for further use cases

Easy to use drag-and-drop user-interface to explore links and interactions between symptoms, diseases, parameters and more

Your Benefits

Visualize medical diagnostic pathways

Store and harmonize your knowledge and exchange it in and across organizations

Seamlessly integrated with statistical diagnostic reasoning and data enrichment to analyze and enrich existing datasets

Technical Details

Integrated with other components to directly analyze diagnostic pathways using your own datasets

Browser-based application optimized for all modern web browsers

Find necessary information about medical content in an easy way


Diagnostic AI Optimizer

Optimize your own and existing template pathways using Artificial Intelligence

Compare existing machine learning models with knowledge graph-based approaches

Speed up machine learning projects through data cleaning, labeling and medical feature engineering

Your Benefits

Make sense of your data and combine it with existing medical knowledge

Optimize your diagnostic knowledge base and validate it using your own datasets

Iteratively monitor and optimize your algorithms by applying artificial intelligence to all use cases on the medicalvalues platform

Technical Details

Seamlessly integrated with all interfaces of the medicalvalues platform

Various pre-build AI approaches available like random forest or linear regression

Easy to understand visualizations to evaluate and compare results

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