Diagnostic Pathway Management and Data Enrichment

Gain a deep understanding of your diagnostic data sets and enrich them for higher quality diagnostic algorithms

diagnostic pathways and data enrichment

Simplified feature engineering

Use our mapping tools and quickly evaluate, whether your medical datasets can fulfill the needs for diagnostic analytics – in terms of completeness and complexity. Uncover potential biases e.g. related to gender or age.

Data Labeling
and Enrichment

Gain an understanding of potential diagnosis within your dataset and check for errors and potential diagnostic optimization. Enrich your dataset based on our GMP-based algorithms – especially in the area of laboratory diagnostics.

diagnostic pathway optimization

Diagnostic Pathway optimization

Leverage historic, clinical datasets to uncover areas for improvement in diagnostic procedures. Discover medical sub-groups and explore risk factors. Combine medical and economical datasets for optimal healthcare outcomes and efficient diagnostic pathway management.


Clinical Trials and Medical Research

Leverage the medicalvalues platform to become more agile and data-driven in your clinical data collection and research activities.


Plan your research

Quickly research relevant symptoms, parameters and potential side-effects to plan your study effectively.

Harmonization of findings

Ensure your data points follow a standardized interpretation to ensure comparability.

Real-time preliminary analysis

Get an AI-generated, initial diagnostic recommendation to quickly process large data volumes.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic Pathway Management and Analytics

Pre-built diagnostic pathway templates enable you to get results from day one. Use our pathways as a solid base and customize them for your individual projects.

Analyze historic data sets

Understand patterns and uncover potential areas for diagnostic savings without compromising on quality.

Run what-if scenarios

Use different reference ranges or diagnostic steps to uncover the impact of changes to your profiles and procedures.

GMP Comparison

Compare your diagnostic steps to good medical practice and latest research to analyze potential differences and uncover areas for improvement.

Knowledge Management

Structure and visualize your diagnostic pathways and get a headstart with templates from the medicalvalues library.

Data Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Re-use pre-built integrations into clinical and laboratory systems leveraging standard interfaces like FHIR to integrate your ML-landscape more efficiently.

data intelligence

Data Mapping and Harmonization

Leverage our platform tools to harmonize your datasets and map them to international standards like SNOMED CT and LOINC.

Data cleaning and feature engineering

Quickly identify errors in your datasets and get an understanding of potential bias.

Data enrichment and algorithmic performance

Leverage our pre-built algorithms to (pre-) label your data or compare your algorithms against the GMP-based results.

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