Next Generation Ordering System

Intelligent solutions for your laboratory and your customer

intelligent Support

The Ordering System for all cases

The medicalvalues Order Intelligence offers AI-supported digital ordering with modern report view. Support your customer in finding a diagnosis with intelligent test suggestions and a modern request and add-on ordering for (special) parameters. In addition to clinical chemistry, we also cover microbiology, genetics, hygiene and other specialities.

General Practices

  • No additional costs per customer connection
  • Intelligent test suggestions for broad support
  • Intuitive interface for simple operation and low onboarding effort thanks to easy-to-understand training videos

Medical Care Center and Specialists

  • Department-specific order profiles
  • Support for complex clinical questions
  • Combination of routine and special parameters
  • Option to share patient information with the laboratory
  • Digital reports from various laboratory areas in a modern and clear presentation


  • Integration of clinic SOPs, for example for ordering intervals
  • Ward-specific order profiles
  • Avoidance of duplicate tests and specific instructions including hygiene and microbiology
  • Connection of external customers
  • Intelligent control of external dispatch, connection to POCT and failure concepts


  • Check-up profiles
  • Support for walk-in laboratories for direct sales to end customers
  • Patient-friendly reports
  • Ordering analyses in the web shop with the option of online payment


Benefit from state-of-the-art technology

More time for what really matters

Relief through automation and simplification of operational processes.

Differentiation through diagnostic excellence and assistance

The ordering process is supported by intelligent test suggestions and order notices.

Error-free orders

Errors can be avoided by checking and digitally transmitting the order data.

Access anywhere and anytime

Orders can be created and processed from anywhere, regardless of the device.

Continous development

Monthly software updates guarantee that your system and the integrated rules and regulations are always up to date.

Modular system

The user interface can be customised and individual functions can be integrated into existing systems.


Tailored to your needs

Enter patients

  • Initiate order directly from the patient file from any AIS or HIS
  • Automatic transfer of patient data
  • Intelligent import of diagnoses, DMP participation, etc.

Select tests

  • Customer-specific profiles and individual favorites
  • Patient-specific test suggestions
  • Request additional information depending on the selected tests
  • Cross-departmental orders (laboratory medicine, microbiology, genetics, etc.)

Complete order

  • Combine order types in one order (HzV, IGeL, FA, LG, BG, SL)
  • Calculation of the overall costs
  • Error avoidance through validation and billing rules
  • Digital signature (DiMus)

Prepare material

  • Pre-analytical notes
  • Automatic determination of required sample materials
  • Automatic document and label printing (paperless also possible)

Receive results

  • Individual extreme value notification
  • Tabular and graphical cumulative view
  • Cross-departmental reports
  • Patient-friendly reports
  • Direct add-on order from the report

our unique selling point

Intelligent Support

The medicalvalues Order Intelligence offers everything you can expect from a modern ordering system with report view. In addition, with our ready-made rules and AI-based medical insights, we provide your customers with real added value in their day-to-day work.

Get started and explore the possibilities

technical setup

Seamless integration with maximum security

Easy data transfer

Ready-to-use interface to your LIS, HIS or AIS via LDT2, LDT3 or through real integration.

Well connected

The medicalvalues Client enables the centralised configuration and management of printer connections, DiMus, CRM systems or the AIS write-back system, for example.

Highest security

The use of the telematics infrastructure and the option of 2‑factor authentication ensure secure use at all times.

Maximum system availability

Fail-safe and high performance thanks to continuous monitoring of the application status and automatic compensation.

medicalcalues modules

Perspectives beyond the Ordering System

The ordering system and digital report view of the medicalvalues Order Intelligence are just one component of the medicalvalues Platform. It can be optimally combined with the applications of the data and workflow management modules as well as validation and findings generation. Starting from the  ordering system, the medicalvalues applications can be used to implement a centralised order backend interface for your laboratory that bundles all order flows and can be controlled via various channels such as API or a webshop in addition to medicalvalues Order Intelligence.

Thanks to the modular structure, it is also possible to integrate individual functions such as digital signatures, request suggestions or patient-friendly reports into your existing systems.

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