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Artificial Intelligence for medical diagnostics

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Your innovation partner for diagnostics

medicalvalues offers modular solutions for sustainable diagnostics – in the laboratory and beyond. Leverage our pre-built, validated AI to improve diagnostic processes in the hospital and in the lab.

Diagnostic value from day one.


Become an omni-channel laboratory

  • Next Generation Order Entry and modern reporting
  • Automated validation and report generation
  • Transformation and optimisation of your internal laboratory processes
  • Central and intelligent connection of different channels to your Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Customer retention and competitive differentiation through diagnostic excellence and support in the ordering process

Intelligent error prevention

Reduced workload through automation and
simplification of operational processes


digitalize your hospital

  • Customisable diagnostic support system
  • Digital service request with indications to avoid duplicate tests
  • Transformation and optimisation of your
    internal hospital processes

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Reduced workload and optimised use of resources through efficient step-by-step diagnostics

Improved diagnostic quality and treatment processes through the integration of different disciplines

Attracting external customers

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medicalvalues modules

Intelligent infrastructure for modern diagnostics

Our four integrated modules provide pre-configured solutions to support you in differentiating yourself through digital applications. 


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Custom Interaction and Medical Excellence
  • Next generation order entry & reporting
  • Customizable diagnostic decision support system
Data and Workflow Management
  • Data standardization & harmonization
  • Master data management
  • Digitization, transformation & optimization of your processes
Validation and Report Generation
  • (Semi-)automated validation
  • Intelligent report generation based on lab results & insights
AI Research and
Data Science
  • Retrospective analysis of your (diagnostic) data sets
  • Getting more insights
  • Machine Learning environment for expert users

medicalvalues Diagnostic API

Use our diagnostic AI as API for your customized solutions. The modern FHIR-based API provides easy access to diagnostic algorithms and empower you to make most of your data.

  • Get diagnostic insights from your own medical data
  • Determine diagnostic steps and pathways
  • Generate predictions

our approach

Medical expertise

We combine artificial intelligence and existing knowledge for higher quality and faster results. Medical experts and experienced physicians from various areas help digitizing medical diagnostic knowledge.

Prof. Dr. med. Georg Hoffmann​

External Expert Advisor

Being a laboratory physician with years of practical experience and research expertise, Prof. Dr. med. Hoffmann is also the founder of the Trillium GmbH - a leading publishing house for diagnostics.

Prof. Dr. med. Lothar Thomas

External Expert Advisor

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas is a medical specialist in clinical laboratory medicine, microbiology and infection epidemiology, transfusion medicine, immunohematology, and clinical chemistry.

Dr. Hülya Kiralp

External Expert Advisor

Having worked in multiple laboratories as a specialist for laboratory medicine, Dr. Kiralp has developed specific expertise for gynecological endocrinology.

Prof. Dr. med. Kai Gutensohn

External Expert Advisor

Prof. Dr. med. Gutensohn is a medical doctor who has years of experience in managing both - private and hospital laboratories as well as teaching at a medical faculty.

our value

Effective and sustainable innovation from day one

Integration into existing IT infrastructure

We use standard integrations to implement our system effectively, ressource-efficiently and sustainably.

Modern Design (UI/UX)

Make use of the medicalvalues interface or adapt/integrate into existing solutions (e.g. LIS, HIS, OE).

Fast implementation & plannability

Modular structure and iterative approach in accordance with your local environment.

Minimal internal effort

Our interdisciplinary team of doctors, data scientists and software architects provides you optimal support.

Pre-built medical content

Productivity from day one using medically validated diagnostic pathways.

Hybrid approach

Combining real-time data (lab results, history, symptoms, medication) with medical expertise from guidelines and research.


Data privacy and security in the core

We follow the most recent industry standards for IT security.
Gain insights of (pseudo-)anonymous datasets or use our anonymization algorithms. Adapt our solution to your needs and operate your solution in the cloud or on-premise.

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Recent News

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MIO Laboratory Report: The Future Path of Laboratory Results into the Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The mio42 GmbH, in collaboration with KBV, has taken on the responsibility for the specification and development of Medical Information Objects (MIOs) for the cross-system exchange of health and patient data. In the context of the MIO laboratory report, they outline the prospective mandatory path for a standardized laboratory report into the electronic health record (EHR), relying on industry standards such as FHIR and LOINC.

In recent months, the implementation of the MIO laboratory report has been further refined. The commenting phase is complete, and the introduction is expected in the second half of 2025.

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Personalized Ordering System

Personalized Ordering System for Complex Customers

Customers have access to a vast array of laboratory tests: depending on the lab, they can order from several hundred to thousands of different parameters. Particularly in complex cases and interdisciplinary specialties, the need for modern support solutions is apparent.

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We are ISO 13485 DQS certified, with the scope of design and development, sales, installation, and maintenance of software as a medical device and software for medical devices.