Track & Trace – quality improvement for medical pre-analysis

Modern laboratory diagnostics are very precise. Thanks to highly developed measurement technology and numerous control mechanisms (precision controls, interlaboratory tests, accreditation, etc.), serious measurement errors in the laboratory are virtually impossible. Faulty laboratory results are usually not caused by faulty laboratory analysis, but are due to (human) errors in pre-analysis. Sample tracking is a useful tool for minimising errors in the pre-analytical phase and improving the classification of any measurement inaccuracies.

There are numerous potential sources of error in the pre-analytical phase. From the request for a test to the actual analysis, physical, chemical and biological factors can influence the sample material and thus affect measured values and therefore diagnostic accuracy. Precise monitoring from the time the material is taken until it reaches the laboratory is therefore important to ensure the integrity of the sample.

Track & Trace as a key technology

Whilst Track & Trace systems are already used within the laboratory, they also offer the possibility of monitoring the sample transfer process. They can be easily integrated into the workflows of practices and laboratories and offer valuable functions for the seamless monitoring of samples.

These systems have two main tasks: Tracking enables samples to be allocated to their location, while tracing documents the conditions under which the samples were stored and transported. This monitoring is particularly important for sensitive samples that require controlled storage. If well integrated into the processes, this can represent an additional benefit for the sender and increase quality, especially in pre-analysis.

Track & Trace made in Karlsruhe – Seamlessly integrated. Reliable. Cost-efficient.

Together with SenseING GmbH, medicalvalues offers a reliable Track & Trace system that can be integrated into any medical facility to ensure complete transparency of sample handling for all parties involved (practices, laboratories and transport companies).

While SenseING, as a specialist in wireless monitoring of storage areas and complex supply chains, offers energy-efficient, durable and high-precision sensors in compact hardware, medicalvalues has the expertise to seamlessly integrate such solutions into the diagnostic process. The core idea is deep integration into existing applications and order entry systems.

Similar to tracking orders in online shops, relevant track & trace information is visualised for users in the customer portal. This not only provides the parties involved with information about the dispatch status of the sample (tracking). Thanks to the robust sensor technology for recording movement and climate data in combination with medicalvalues master data management, they also receive specific pre-analytical information on the individual sample material. If errors are detected by the sensor, e.g. during sample preparation or storage (tracing), users are immediately informed about corrective measures.


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Flexible solution in different operating modes

Choose from different operating modes to meet individual requirements and workflows: Our solution can either be seamlessly integrated into existing order entry systems, or you can use the order entry solution from medicalvalues in conjunction with a modern customer portal to offer your senders a comprehensive solution from a single source.
Alternatively, we can provide you with a stand-alone solution that is customised to your specific needs for small senders who have previously used paper-based ordering or special senders.

The system can be purchased as a complete solution from medicalvalues. Contact us for further information.

For cost-efficient implementation, we offer appropriate pricing models that we customise to the individual requirements of your laboratory. It is important to us to develop a common understanding of the various areas. Selecting the right setup plays a central role in this.
As a larger laboratory, for example, you have the option of purchasing sensor systems and even changing batteries yourself to reduce operating costs. On the other hand, you always have the option of a complete rental model. Let’s find an option together to increase transparency in the pre-analytical process and improve the quality and efficiency of patient treatment.

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